Make un-owned groups automatically public

I have noticed this a few times and I think that this should be addressed. The problem comes when someone makes a group, closes it to the public, and then sometime down the road decides that they don’t want the group and leaves. This leaves people who were already in the group as the only people capable to every reopening the group which can be a very slim chance if there are only a handful of people in the group.

Case in point, this group has no one in it (I know it says there is one person but I couldn’t find anyone) and it’s closed to the public meaning that this group will NEVER EVER be able to be used EVER with the current system.

EDIT: That “NO” on the right-hand side means that the group is not public.

I think that when the owner of a group leaves the group, if the group is closed, it should automatically be reopened to the public so that it becomes fair game for people looking for a group name that is already created but where the group is un-owned.

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What if something on the wall is semi-confidential?

I don’t see your point. I’m saying that I think that groups that don’t have an owner should be open to the public so anyone can join them.