Making 2d Ground Look Better


I’m making a “side scrolling” style game and I can’t seem to come up with a design for the side of the grass/ground platforms that I like. I’ve tried circles, wedges, and rectangles for the grass. I’m trying to make it look like a typical 2d grass tileset without being distracting. Maybe I should add decals/textures/meshes? Any advice would be appreciated! Also, the houses are made by pqllen, not me.


Hmm I would add some grass onto it.

If you mean on top of the grass there’s going to be decoration. Or do you mean putting a mesh on the side?

Add grass on top of the surface as @WEcompany said. You can also add cartoon type trees, some small and some large.

I was asking for feedback on the front part. Trees. flowers, grass etc… will all be placed on top.

I think the grass looks perfect for that type of game!

The only thing I could think of adding would be something like little groups of smooth plastic grass every 10 - 20 studs.

If you are talking about the part with circles, I would use wedges on that. something sorta like this

Just not that exact thing because my example is poor. But something like that would be what you should use if the circles got boring for you. But I personally think the circles would look best!

If you can script, you could get a nice, natural look with perlin noise, or math.noise(). You could use it to get a natural, non-repeating curve where the grass meets the dirt. Take this for an example.

See how the dungeon walls have slightly different heights but it still looks natural, and there isn’t a pattern? You could do something like that for the grass.