Making 3D Undertale Clothing

Hey I’m making free 3D Undertale clothing cause I’m bored. What should I make?

Previous work

By the way all the clothing I’ve made has been uploaded as free models for you to use.

This is a repost because the original was in the incorrect category and it didn’t let me edit the category :confused:


try making Disbelief Papyrus (my fave undertale AU character)

I already made it lol
I never finished phase 2 tho

Note: You may have to reupload animations, I’m unsure if they’re still in the dummy, but they may be. @k1212ss

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Have you made Underswap Last Justice phase 3 yet?

Why is that so specific? No, I haven’t made anything past Phase 2 of anything.

I honestly like papyrus AUs more than sans AU soooo, basically last breath but underswap papyrus

I know what the AU is, I just haven’t made it.

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I just noticed, they are offsale

I don’t put all my models on sale.

oh i thought you meant all your models to be on sale, didnt know

Clothing. Clothing and rigs are separate. I don’t make clothing alone anymore, I make full rigs.

Some rigs ARE on sale, but not all.