Making a 2D drawing look (somewhat) 3D?

So I drew this for my cousin who’s obsessed with Animal Crossing & I was wondering how I could make it ‘pop-out’ a little more or add a bit of volume so I hope someone could give me some tips on that. Take the animated film ‘Klaus’ as a reference of what I mean.

Slight Avatar Reference (not supposed to look exactly the same as changes were requested)


The eyes could use some shading and that would make it pop out a lot more.
The body, face, and hair already have some good shading but you could shade a bit darker if you wanted. Never be afraid to shade more.
The eyes are the ones that need to be shaded more as the rest of the body already pops out (as you say). I really like your style :wink:


It looks great! I think you should go in with some sort of paint tool and add more volume to the hair.

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For one, define the direction where a light source is coming from, could be the sun a lightbulb or even ambient lighting although the latter two can be hard to get right.

There many ways to go about doing lighting, the first picture has the light source coming from below which usually makes for a menacing or horror vibe.

The second picture uses the sun at sunset as lightsource which can make for an emotional vibe.

I recommend watching Proko, Sinix and Marco Bucci for shading!

Since your’s is a pastel and bright one, I recommend using a sun lightsource at noon as the lightsource and you won’t go wrong with it.

It’ll be the best! :raised_hand: :weary: :ok_hand:


Ah I just noticed I left the eyes quite empty, I’ll definitely be adding some more shading now with some darker colors (I was kind of scared that I’d mess up the drawing :joy:).
Thank you so much for the feedback! It helped a lot

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Ooo thanks! I’ll try adding volume by making the shading darker ^^

I haven’t experimented with proper lighting before so this is my first - I tried making it at a high noon but it kind of went against my previous shading that I had done so I went for a (hopefully) morning sunrise?

Your tip really helped me, I’ll be keeping this lighting thing in mind from now on :grin:


The eyes look great! Glad I could help!

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Glad I could help ya, your artstyle’s already comin’ together and these lighting principles will really make it one of the best on Roblox :wink:

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