Making a account age gui

So! its me back again! asking for help :confused: But! I wanna make a gui that will allow you to see your account age! instead of using:

local accountage = game.players.localpayer.AccountAge
local Text = script.parent.Text

Text.Text = "Account age is ".. accountage .." days old"

Id love to use somthing alike

Your account age is 1 year, 1 month, 1 week, 1 day. But my under standing of lua isn’t as good.
If i cant have help thanks :smiley:

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I think I found it, You spelled localplayer wrong, it should be “LocalPlayer”.

You could use

-- example
print("%c", game.Players.LocalPlayer.AccountAge))

Oh this isn’t help for what I’m doing, Thanks for the help though. I’m looking for a advanced PlayerAge gui

I’ll have a look into it thanks :smiley:

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I was getting confused until i realised your example aha thanks dude

I’m a bit confused as to what you’re asking. If you mean up to the current minute/second, that is not possible. AccountAge is only Y/M/W/D.

Well if seconds is impossible i can go with y/m/w/d

Im trying currently. Im just trying to utilise it in a way that i can form the number into a text label, I can understand how i can get the number’s with the basic code as a description i used. But heres a free model that i found for a diagram

Text labels require a string for their text property, therefore you could use the function:


and it would convert it to a string to be compatible with a text label. To actually implement this you could do either one of these methods:

TextLabel.Text = tostring(number-variable-here)

-- or

numberVariable = tostring(number-variable-here)
TextLabel.Text = numberVariable

A solution I did a while back:

Close enough to what i need! thanks