Making a air Combo?

im working on a combo system with air combos but i dont know where to begin with making them. any help on how i could go about doing this would be very appreciated.


Inside of the local script that get inputs, make a JumpRequest function and send it as a argument

local function OnJumpRequest()
 canAir = true


This isn’t the full script but this is the basis of how to start.

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Start off with making a counter for the amount of attack strings you want the combo to be. Lets say the max amount of hits before the come finishes is 5. Just do an if statement, if the player clicks or activates a tool, add on to that combo counter so that it goes to the next punch. Once it reaches 5, reset the counter back to 0. To add air combos, it’s just a matter of doing this method but also detecting whether the player is holding spacebar while punching

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