Making a car inside blender

Is there anyone pls teach me how to blend a Low Poly car in blender
I tried watching in youtube but it’s all Timelapse how could i keep up with that pls any tutorials or vids that can help me learn in blender? Bc im creating cars inside blender

Try a Blender forum instead of a Roblox forum first off.

Also, you can pause YouTube videos and watch each step until you understand it.

If you still have issues with the tutorial try a different one. I’ve seen plenty of tutorials that say “use the (whatever) tool” but they don’t tell you how to access it or where it’s located.

What do you mean by that? can you send the link to Blender Forum

My advice would be to first learn the blender platform and understand how everything works. Practice modeling things that are simple and smaller before jumping to something bigger like a vehicle.

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Thank you very much for the Advice @d2rkv3in

Use cars blueprints

Ok thank you @lau2971 for the Blue Prints