Making a certain person bigger

Hello, I want to make a certain person (userid or player name) bigger once they join, and make it so that it stays the same after he respawns

Heres my script (that doenst work for some reason)

Changing body scale values on the client doesn’t work. Use a server script for this instead of a LocalScript.

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would that work?

You could use avatar settings though! No scripting needed! But you must upload the game first.

i want it to change for a single person

Why are you using a while for loop…?

what else am i supposed to use? Is while bad or something?

Didn’t notice that! You must not use while do because you will lag suddenly because your body size multiplies by 2. Instead, use

if player.Name == "x" then
-- Size Script
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It’s really not ideal because it’s continuously running. Need a PlayerAdded function and then handle their character in there.


I’ve managed to fix it myself

local function onCharacterAdded(character)
	local hum = character.Humanoid
	local hs = hum.HeadScale
	local bds = hum.BodyDepthScale
	local bws = hum.BodyWidthScale
	local bhs = hum.BodyHeightScale
	hs.Value = hs.Value * 2
	bds.Value = bds.Value * 2
	bws.Value = bws.Value * 2
	bhs.Value = bhs.Value * 2

local function onPlayerAdded(player)

make it a serverscript and place it in serverscriptservice (you need to add a check for the name)

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