Making a Character Customization

Hello my fellow ROBLOXIANS,
First of all i’m an experienced scripter and UI/UX designer, Currently, I’m planning on making a general Character Customization Kit for the community.

If you are a gamer or a game dev, I would like you to answer the following questions if you wish:

1 - What do you think a good character customization gui for your game, should consist of? (You can give examples of an existing game)

2 - What do you prefer for such creations, Screen Gui, Surface Gui or even both. (explain how you want it to be)

3 - How you prefer customizing your characters, using Welded Meshes and Models or though normal roblox shirts, pants, etc…

4 - Do you have any tips or suggestions to make such creation generalized for almost any game genre with ability for customization (I can make a professional plugin for it, if needed)

5 - What’s the features that you expect, and that you wish to see?

Thanks for anyone who would answer this little quiz, it’s appreciated. Also please let me know if the post is in the wrong section, so i can fix it :slight_smile:


I think a “good” character customization GUI is a GUI that allows players to easily change their character’s appearance without having trouble figuring out which button does what. Players can struggle to customize their character because the icons are unclear.

I also think a “good” character customization GUI fits the overall theme of the game. I don’t think the design should be too out of place when comparing it to other GUIs.

In my opinion, a ScreenGui is much better to customize a character rather than a SurfaceGui. It’ll allow the player to easily customize their character because the GUI is their primary focus and nothing outside of the GUI would be clicked accidentally.

If your GUI takes up the whole screen, it won’t be a problem because with ViewportFrames, you can show the player’s character on-screen while they customize their character.

Manipulating a camera to focus on the player is also possible.

It depends. I think using meshes and models look cooler and might fit the aesthetic of the game, but shirts and pants might be enough to satisfy what I’m trying to do.

While it would be awesome to generalize this, the aesthetic of every game won’t be the same. If you make a plugin for customization, be sure to include a way for developers to easily change the theme of the GUI.

In a character customization GUI, I expect to be able to change the appearance of my character. This might be vague, but I really think it depends on the game. Some roleplay games have the ability to equip Roblox items, while some RPG games have the ability to equip armor to either a pre-defined character model or a player’s own avatar.