Making a deformed tail with physics

I am currently trying to make a tail using an armature. I want to make it have dynamic bones, meaning moving, jumping and touching other parts will affect them. I could use Wiggle bones addon and animate the tail in Blender, but that would mean colliding with other parts would not affect the tail. So, is there any way to make bones dynamic?

Forgot to specify that I want the dynamic bones to work in Studio, not Blender.

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Hey, check that out Blender Add-on Overview: Rigid Bodys Generator (free) - Let's break some bones. - YouTube
I think this is what you’re looking for

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You first have to import it using Roblox’s avatar importer but you also have to rig it in blender.

You can then use ropes with a part at every single bone. Then use the “worldposition” on the bone to the position of the block using scripts. EZ!