Making A Dialogue On My Horror Game (CHECK THIS OUT)

Alright So I’ve been working on my new project lately, It’s a horror game and I have thought of having each character their own Dialogues like you see on games that are not made in Roblox.

Okay so assuming the characters (Stephen, Saanvi, and Grace) are being played by players. And the Part as their documents.

Btw I’ve never done this before so, this might take a while to make😅. Think of it, this would probably take alot of time, but I’ll still learn how to make this thing work👍.

Also what are your thoughts on this?


This is a very interesting concept! I don’t think I’ve seen a game do this before.


Very interesting! My suggestion is to maybe add subtitles?


It’s cool but the text to speech sounds a lil bit goofy in my opinion

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TTS does have its quirks but it’s much cheaper and easier to deal with than actual voice actors.


Will this work with translations too?

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Its a good idea but you should add subtitles for it. I have the same thing on my horror game Kampong xD, but voice dialogue wise I suggest you get someone you know to voice act instead of TTS if you can as it makes it way better, good luck with the project!

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i agree, i couldn’t afford to get one xd lmao. and i dont have friends

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