Making a game devlog 1

Idea -The idea is pretty simple you spawn on a map with guns and all sorts of zombies spawn and you have to survive as long as possible.

The first things I implemented was a sprint and dash mechanic.

Dash and sprint

2023-08-06 19-14-23

The next thing I did was get a gun model off of poly pizza because I was too lazy to do it myself

After that I implemented the gun .


Gun mechanic streamable link

The last thing I did was make the zombies spawn at a point in the map.
I know the zombies are very broken but I’m not sure on how to fix it.


Zombie mechanic

That’s it for now share your suggestions below :muscle:


the gun is huge, and there is no animation, and r6 on top imo

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In my opinion the gun is not so big, could you also be more descriptive on when you say there is “no animation” because some animations I don’t want in the game.