Making a game I know will be easy for cheaters to cheat

I’m making a game which places quite a bit of trust on the client basically to let the server know if they failed or not. It’s a competitive player vs player game. I was wondering what you guys do in this situation? Is it worth trying to implement a bunch of fancy anticheat when I’m pretty sure no matter what I do there’s no way to make it uncheatable due to the nature of the game? I was thinking as long as I make sure they can’t break other peoples games that’s the best I can do in this situation. If I take away the client-sided trust it will heavily impact the gameplay in a negative way.

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If you can’t think of any way to move the checks onto the server then just leave it. If your game does become quite popular and you notice quite a bit of cheating/hacking then think about implementing some new detection or re-doing your code.

Yeah you need to start doing a lot more things from the server…