Making a game (Rpg)

why hello there my name is Architect and i wanted to make a fun type of project and taking a break on working on simulators.

The Team will consist of Builders, Modelers, Terrain Artists, and scripters and UI there should be around 7people in the team or less.

The Job is just going to be a fun project that of course you have to be skilled. i want people to actually spend time on this project and not just do 1 part and never show up again like some other people wanted to do not saying any names. we can make realistic or low poly.

I am not any popular guy or person that has a big group or anything but i do have money for advertisement.

we will be paying in percentages because say i asked a scripter to script a whole rpg would be pretty costly and i only have enough for ads that would satisfy the game.

you got to be 13+ or upper.
My Discord is: Reforged#5045

I can only contact you through discord because we are going to be talking through vc for a while and it is ok if you don’t have a mic but i need some proof of you being the age requirement

Thanks for reading :wave:

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