Making a "global" event

I’m making a custom character controller with custom events, and I wanted other scripts to be able to access them and be able to make a connection.
The problem is: a LocalScript is in charge of actually firing the events, but I wanted BOTH the client and server to be able to recieve the signal.

Is there any way I can do this without making a bindable and a remote event for each one?


No, I don’t believe there is.



Why not make a bindable and remote event? I don’t think there is any solution to this.

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can’t you just fire it to server then the server fires it back?

I can, I was just wandering if there was any other way so I didn’t have to make two instances for one event.

I would need to make another script just for that, and it’s worse than doing Bindable and Remote for each event

well if you want the server to recieve the remote from the client, then get that script to send it back so the client also gets the signal

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If you’re concerned about efficiency, don’t be. You can seriously only use one remote event, fire it to the server with data and fire it back to all clients or the client with the same data. There’s no harm in it.


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