Making a GTA V type of game

Im currently working on a game inspired by GTA V and Criminality with a huge map and several different biomes and cities. The game is still work in progress tho. Check it out cuz I want some suggestions and criticism :wink:

Sum' Screenshotties




game link: REDVILLE - Roblox

our server: REDVILLE


I’d say graphically it looks pretty nice, good job. I wish the city felt more alive as it was a bit uncanny to drive around by myself, but I understand the infeasibility of incorporating NPC cars due to Roblox’s Physics engine being questionable. Driving around was tons of fun though.

On an optimization standpoint, it isn’t going good. Running this with an FPS unlocker I get around 40-50 FPS in high density areas. I have an RTX 3080 but Roblox can’t really utilize its full potential, so I understand a bit. The game also took like 4 minutes to load and considering I have Roblox installed on an M.2 SSD with unnecessarily fast read and write speeds, I’d have a quicker time loading into actual GTA 5. The game also takes about 3.5gb of RAM which is pretty high for a Roblox game. Plus, why am I receiving so much data? (50kbps)

  • Do you have streaming enabled on? If so, then also have LODs enabled for your models.
  • Can you make sure most of your parts are anchored? I was receiving 50kbps in a solo lobby, if you plan on having this to be a massive multiplayer game, the Roblox Server is going to throttle.
  • Do you manually cull out any instances from afar? Things like billboard GUIs rendered from >1000 studs away aren’t going to be seen or AI 500 studs away wont be interacted with, but they take rendering and computational time regardless.
  • Try physics steps mode to adaptive (Workspace property)
  • Parts that don’t need collisions should have collisions off, mesh parts that have collisions should be turned to a lower collision fidelity if not needed like box.

I mean, the game is at a very primitive stage. I find that driving around is going to be a lot of fun as it was already, you should fine tune the driving mechanics and make it feel more fluid and fun. Personalize the player’s experience by having purchasable cars (which you will obviously add) and apartments, things like that.

Overall for a demo, it has promises. You need to focus on optimizing your game though and the optimization tricks I posted are only a few of many. The Roblox Engine isn’t very efficient, but it’s what we got, and we have to try to accommodate it.

:red_circle:Avg FPS: ~52fps
:orange_circle:Avg Render Time (GPU): ~13ms
:orange_circle:Avg CPU Time: ~26ms
:yellow_circle:Memory Usage: ~3500mb
:red_circle:Receiving: ~52kbps
:green_circle:Sending: ~5-7kbps

MY SPECS (well, the important stuff anyways)
Ryzen 7 5800X
RTX 3080 10GB OC
32GB 3200MHZ CL16 RAM
M.2 SSD 970 EVO (2TB)


aight bro, thanks for the feedback
ill look more into it :wink:


heres a full top down view of the map that im working on and yes it is huge


That’s gigantic, I wonder if the Roblox Engine can even handle a map of that size. My main concern would be with the terrain as they take a lot of triangles and memory for collision overall.

How do you plan on further optimizing this game?


by changing the lighting’s technology from future to shadowmap or under maybe? or just reduce some details on buildings

if u have any way that might help with it then lemme know


I understand the fun. I’d suggest do what Rockstar does : do not load all the map. Load a big area around the player. For singleplayer that is. For multiplayer it gets more complicated.


To enhance performance, it is recommended to explore a custom rendering system or utilize Roblox’s built-in “streaming” rendering option found in the workspace properties menu. This feature has recently been updated to include persistent and atomic rendering methods. It is important to invest time in considering the best optimization strategy.

Details on Streaming and Streaming Changes

ModelStreamingMode | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub


As Allusionist suggested, it would be great to add some more vibrancy to the city. This is certainly achievable, but it might require some scripting skills that may or may not be within your expertise. You can find some helpful resources online that feature AI cars, so be sure to check those out.

Additionally, you can disable CastShadow, CanCollide, CanQuery, or CanTouch on parts like foliage to increase performance. These properties are being updated without any practical purpose. For large buildings make sure to disable these properties on parts that are too small to make a difference to the visuals of the game.

There are many other ways of dealing with this problem, so make sure to research all you can.

I am not in a position to help beyond this explanation so good luck with your project, and carefully think over some strategies for improving performance.


your game is the best good in the world 100% :+1: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


There was a point in time whereas I had a similar idea, it ended up being a co-association development, However its been a while since we even made progress tho.

For me the game and graphics are great. but if you really want to make something like gta V then you gotta:

  • Add destruction physics: This can go 2 ways, either make your own vehicles but they are split to pieces or do mesh deformation of some kind.

  • Add NPCs: This is a problem i personally had before, but i figured out a way to make it possible, i just never really put it into play. I might someday add driving NPC plugin at some point in time, but one can dream ig.

  • We really need a map, The moment i got in, i was a bit lost, ig you already got onto to that…

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car npcs seems quite hard for me to do it alone (or find any online assets) due to how the road structures is as it is not just a simple boxy shaped since it has alot of curves and intersections. adding car npcs is what ive always wanted

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thanks for the support. ill work on more to it so u can have plenty more fun :wink:

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games performance has been improved by 90% ever since i turned on that streamingmethod thing. thank u for the info and i will keep updating the game to make it better


It’s (scarily) possible, I’ll create a demo in a few days.

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I have an idea… lemme just make my own demo too. Cant spoil the suprise.

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maybe its somehow possible by making the car focus only on one material and avoid being on top of other materials?? (in this term: asphalt)

You can send a touch signal, or shoot down 1 or more raycasts to check the material, while it can help stay on the streets and not on the sidewalk, it prevents the AI to have a natural evade behaviour.

The amount of times an AI in GTA V will drive on the sidewalk threatened will blow your mind.

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this is just chat gpt right? Why do people do this instead of making real comments

Grammarly. I don’t use AI unless it’s to get ideas for item names. Grammarly may use an AI and that’s why it sounds robotic. However, this post is old, and commenting here was not needed.