Making a horror game without screams

Basically, I’m making a horror game with an NPC that chases you. The NPC is supposed to scream to scare the players, hence, I uploaded an audio of a man screaming. I then got warned by a moderator for the supposed disruptive audio.

The NPC is supposed to be an insane person so I thought that the NPC screaming maniacally while chasing the players is a good idea to scare them. However, since I just found out that screams are not allowed (even though there are several scream audios in the marketplace)
I have no idea on what to replace the scream with that can serve the same purpose of “insane man making loud, disturbing sounds while chasing people”.

Anyone have any ideas?


classic horror stinger sounds, some mechanical device like a chainsaw, menacing laugh, intense music, heavy running footsteps, clanky chain being dragged

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Ive never heard that screams are not allowed on Roblox, maybe try appealing the audio takedown.

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You could record a normal audio of you making a sound similar to a scream and then adjust the pitch and volume in studio to bypass it

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