Making a jjk game but got a brain momment

i have made two ability’s already but this ability is tricky and i need one more thing to get helped with.
(Please) ,N1:

how would i make the ground explode like that? N2: how would i make that ability the red reversal.

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i believe you would need raycasting or some detection of some sort to find the parts around reversal red then add force to them and unanchor, baboosh

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can you give me an example i don’t get what your saying. because raycast’s are just one line.

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ok im tripping

ig you can make a hitbox around red and get the parts in that part, im not familiar with those yet so i might be tripping again

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i don’t get what your saying sorry!

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I think he means that there is an AOE (Area of Effect) which marks the blocks within that zone. After those have been marked, you can do whatever with them, like unanchoring them and applying an upwards force to make them spray everywhere like in the video.


alright thanks let me try it out!

but i don’t get how you would get the little blocks of a big part can you give some example of code if you don’t bother?

have you tried using RaycastParams?
RaycastParams | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

my brain hurts i want some example code. :upside_down_face:

what you want to achieve in N2 specifically?

ignore that just wanna achieve the n1. but i can’t because raycast returns if something touched
some instance.

could you send your code sample? (in case you have one)

i don’t have one because i can’t understand.

if you really can’t understand anything i don’t think you’re going to be able to make an effect like that. you should read the documentation like the one @kmoRBLX gave you.

i just need an explanation :frowning: thats what i am asking for.

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I know someone already linked documentation but I think these might also be useful, so I’ll link them here:




These pages have really good examples in them.

edit: I meant really good explanations lol, there aren’t any examples, but if you throw these methods on google you’ll find a lot of good examples.

soo i got some code but it doesn’t subtract? i researched!
it doesnt go in format.
these are results:

What I do for destruction is use a hitbox module to get the part’s the hitbox touches and then I use :BreakJoints on the hit parts. For this to fully work, I build terrain out of smallish parts which are welded together, :BreakJoints destroys these welds. Make sure to have the parts unanchored while building. This is how classic roblox rockets were able to destroy classic roblox buildings such as the classic house. You can take preexisting builds and just weld the parts together using easy weld.

got it!
btw sorry for waisting time! and thank you you earned the solution.