Making a jjk game (problem)

soo i am trying to make a jjk game and i made this:

soo hitboxes detect on the client but i cant do humanoid damage on client :frowning: if i change it to the server server only knows cloning parts and client is moving the part by cframe here are some scripts server:


Hi! Could you please elaborate a bit further on the problem? I’m assuming that you’re trying to figure out where to call the damage from the hitboxes since it doesn’t seem to be working, but if it’s something else please let me know.

Going off of the damage issue: After researching a bit, it seems better to handle damage on the client and hitboxes on server. From what I’m seeing in the scripts+video, I’d recommend doing server checks for the hitboxes, see who’s in the range, and dealing them damage via client.

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Try making it run by only a server script so that it can do the tweening, the hitboxes, and the damage. additionally you can use workspace:getPartBoundsInBox() instead of creating parts for hitboxes

but how would i do damage on the client? as you can see also server only knows one cframe of the parts while i am moving them on client.soo i can’t spawn the hitboxes in the position where the part is moving thats on the server. soo i made it check on the client because client is moving.

this may cause alot of recv i don’t want that.

i don’t recommend letting the client do the hitboxes because exploiters could make fake hitboxes and send them to the server. having it done on the client can lead to it looking like it works on the users screen, but it would seem like it would have massively more range on someone else’s screen

let the server do the hitboxes and send it to the client sending the hitboxes location.