Making a MadMax Car in Blender

Hello, today I came to show the process of making my most recent work


First I started gathering some inspirations, I started with the cars from MadMax movie series. I just love some of their designs! Then I decided to do the texturing based on the After The Flash game series on roblox. Finally I mashed them both together with my own modelling style

I started with the main body, I took some inspirations from a few real life classic vehicles.

Then I added the Wheels and their relative systems

For the wheels I decided to make them a little more stylized, the wheels behind the vehicle were made bigger. I also decided to make this car not having any engine. The idea here now is that this will be a kind of a sleigh and theere will be motorcycles pulling it foward

Now, with the body finished I started adding some more details. I decided to make some improvised armour utilizing old scrap metal and some street signs. This came directly from the after the flash games where some structures were built using scrap metals.

Finally, using the inspiration from the latest madmax movie i added a lot of spikes arround the vehicle to make it ‘agressive’

RobloxStudio and texture

Now, I exported everything into studio and following the after the flash series I made all the textures utilizing the roblox vanilla textures

With the textures ready I added all the post processing effects and got this end result

In the near future I’ll make the motorcycles and maybe a background!

Hope you liked it all!


The car looks pretty wild. Nice job for that. One thing looks off though, the base of the car looks like the plastic texture and it doesn’t really go well with the details.

It is actually metal tough. I’ll see if anything else fits better

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Since you’re already using most graphical features to show off the Car, it’s beautifully well done btw, you might wan’t to give the fairly new PBR lighting/shading a try, meaning if you haven’t done so already, can’t tell with 100% certainty.

Anyways If you haven’t already done so, then head to lighting and switch the Technology to “Future” , now most importantly search for the values called EnvironmentDiffuse/Specular scale and set them to 1, actually I think you only need the Specular Scale and probably don’t even have to switch to “Future” mode :thinking:

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Literally never even watched Mad Max, but I can tell you that your car looks really epic. It would be pretty fun to mess around with in games.
Only advice that I’ve got is the same as XxxconosxxX. Still, great job! :cool:

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