Making a matchmaking system?

I’m in need of making a cross server matchmaking system. The servers are 1 player servers needed to be teleported into a 2 player server. I want the matchmaking system to search for players around the same level give or take 5 levels. While I was thinking about this I was beginning to wonder how. If I made it a regular datastore it would get overrun by all the requests to add their name into the datastore or to remove it if they decide to not want to join a match anymore. Just teleporting the player would be bad as well cause if no one is playing what’sthe point in teleporting, that’s so 2015 to teleport and wait.

If you could help me with a solution that would be great, if not that’s okay too!



Why not make the servers handle more players, then check the player level so it teleports? The other way around seems complicated and will be annoying to players who want to play with their friends.

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The main game that only holds 1 player is a menu thus no actual chatting. There will be an option to play with friends outside of the menu.

The simple solution is to have your main game / lobby have a much higher number of players and just match up players within that server. Otherwise, you might be best to wait and see what comes of Universe Scripts.

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You could also communicate using the HTTP service or do the above like in that Resurrection game. If a friend wants to play they should join the server.

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I was considering working on a similar system for my sword fighting game, Sword Fighting Heaven. Right now it has a Elo rating system and I was considering augmenting it with a matchmaking system. Given that proper matchmaking is a NP-Hard problem, I decided that it may be helpful to have a proper database and matchmaking server behind it. It seems to be my answers to a lot of questions on this forum, but running your own server does come with a lot of advantages.