Making a medically-related game, what is and is not allowed?


As the title states, I’m currently working on making a game that has to do with hospital simulation. It enables the player to enjoy an interactive care experience, starting with providing basic care such as bathing up to surgery!

So, guess what I am asking is, what are the boundaries for medical simulation allowed on ROBLOX?
For example, I’d like it if nurses could give medications to NPCs, now of course, these medications would not be real names, not real at all, for example “Purple pills”, but perhaps this is pushing it for a children’s platform?

I’d just like to gain some more thoughts and insight onto this… What is and what is not allowed when discussing a health-related game. Of course the facts/ideas are not going to be real, for example, the diseases would be ROBLOX-oriented, such as “disconnected torso”, “weak R15”, little joke diseases like that…

Anyhow, any comments are helpful!

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i’d personally advise to stay away from pills in general, maybe replace that part of the game with a potion looking drink called “blue cure” or “pink cure” i know thats not really ideal but that’s the closest thing I can think of that wouldn’t be a problem.
by the way diseases being roblox-oriented is a great idea

i hate when people say this, but “if you gotta ask if its allowed, dont do it”
it makes roblox feel very limited at times, but it’s honestly the safest way to go

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I believe it’s just use of illegal/age restricted substances that roblox has an issue with, Such as Cigs, alcohol, weed, etc. under section 11 of the community rules.

I think using made up names or just descriptive stuff such as “purple pills”, or better yet use the world “tablets” or “capsules” (still medically correct, but avoids the stigma around “pill popping”)


pills and syringes are not allowed at all it seems



Medical games and moderation was brought up during the Moderation Panel at RDC 2018. The questions begin at 13:15 and the presenter goes over ways you can skirt around pills or syringes in a more friendly way. (Vitamins being a good example.)

I’d stay away from “purple pill” because of the “purple drank” idea which is the slang term for codeine, and there is a song called Purple Pills by D12 that extends heavily into abusing pills. Lastly the most common “Purple Pill” on the market is Nexium which can be addictive with other drugs like Prilosec.

Basically. Stay away from Pills. You’ll get in trouble no matter what you do. Lean towards vitamins or some of the other suggested tips from the video.