Making a minimap with image labels?

Hello there.

I was wondering how I could make a minimap using ImageLabels? I couldn’t really find anything other methods of making a minimap other than using a plugin or viewport frames which I don’t really want to use.

I’m not asking for full code to be provided, just a point n the right direction.

Any help would be greatly appreicated!


I think i got one more idea you can try what the guy in vid did ,but to 13:00 and after that don’t create viewport frame ,but maybe like use image label and position correctly ,so it won’t be viewport frame ,but will show something in the middle of minimap

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no sorry nvm his using viewport frame my bad

You can create a minimap with imagelabels. You can either have a static map background and just keep the position centered around the player’s area or you can dynamically generate image labels in the frame by calculating the 2D size of each part that is visible. Then use the y-axis position to influence the Display order.

This is not at all a valid replacement for minimaps. The goal of a minimap is not to display the map before the game, it’s to display it during the game.
In FPS, it shows your location and your allies and sometimes enemies. It helps you not get lost during a fight.
In open world games, it helps you navigate a huge map without getting lost.

Showing off the map just before these situations isn’t remotely helpful

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Hence why I said, sorry if I misinterpreted. I was not 100% sure what he was asking, just trying to be helpful. I have never made a minimap for any of my games so I made an incorrect assumption on what it was. Thanks for the feedback I will keep this in mind next time I see minimap in a post.

I plan to use a static background, yes. The player would be an imagelabel above the frame (which would be the minimap), however I’m not sure how I would calculate the position of the player icon on the minimap depending on the player’s position in the map.

I was thinking of the map having an origin point which you can calculate the player’s position from it using ToObjectSpace() which could then be converted into a UDim

You should be able to set an origin point of the map then find the position of the player compared to the origin. Use a proportion to scale that to your minimap