Making a mirror in roblox using scripts

Hey there. I am working on a loosly-realistic mirror for roblox. The reason I say loosely is because the mirror will be used as a reflective-floor. I am using a viewportframe because they seem to be better than copying the whole workspace every frame. The only thing that i’ll be rendering is the local character (maybe all others in the future), so i don’t have to worry to much about performance.

Right now i have got a camera-screen system, however it’s not a very good mirror.
I have made 2 scripts: a short update script for updating the image when the mirror is moved,
and the main mirror script. Here is the main part of the mirror script:

	local playerdoo = game.Workspace[game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer.Name]
	local cloned = playerdoo:Clone()
	cloned.Parent = script.Parent.ViewportFrame1

The issue i’m having is getting the mirror to like, look like a mirror. it’s not actually reflecting like a mirror. If anyone has any suggestions, i would appreciate them.