Making a New ROBLOX Feature to help Developers

I believe that the front page of Roblox could have some additions, I believe we can add a new thing called ‘Underrated Games…’ This would compose of 30 or so games handpicked by the moderators, but the thing is, the games must have a low amount of players, and so when they’re chosen, several users can play their game, because of them being on the front page.

What this can fix.

  • It can help developers who have a lack of money/players get their game popular.
  • It can replace a category, like ‘Popular among Premium’ which is disliked by the community for the most part.
  • It can give revenue to the developers, and they can then advertise their game to get even more profit.

What are your thoughts on this idea?


Definitely a need-to-have category, there are many underrated games/developers. I agree with you completely.

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This is a good idea, I have wanted this feature on Roblox for a pretty long time. There are so much “popular” categories and this will be something a lot of people would like.

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Also, wrong category, more suited for platform feedback.

Yes! That’s a must have! I see so many underrated games on roblox and I really don’t understand how they are doing so poorly. So much so that it has come to a point where you get popular on roblox from how rich you are not about your skills for developing games.

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Do not misuse categories. This has nothing to do with the forum. Read the pinned About categories.