Making a NPC do an Emote

Hello! I am trying to get my Head Staff team models to do emotes inside of one of my new games. I do not know how to do this and searched the internet. There is no direct response on how to physically make a Roblox Charter model do an emote. If someone is able to help with the script this would be very helpful.

I have tried

local anim ="Animation") anim.AnimationId = "" wait(5) local npc = script.Parent --npc is your humanoid npc:LoadAnimation(anim):Play()


There was already a thread about this. Check out this. Another known way is using InsertService.
Open a script and put it in ServerScriptService.

local InsertService = game:GetService("InsertService")
local model = InsertService:LoadAsset(5104377791) -- Hero landing emote
model.Parent = game.ServerStorage

Then, hit play and select the ServerSide. Once you do that, copy the given ID and you can use that emote!

Good luck!

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Where do i put this though? Inside of the charter? ( just read your insert service message)

And no this did not work.

The script which does the emote itself should be inside the character, yes.

Nope. Does not work. Unless I need to hit play…

Did you do this: ?
It should be on the server side when you test.

You can just test it on Run, testing with your character is unneeded.