Making a Octogon

I need help making a octagon part.

I don’t understand at all where to start or if its possible.

(I know I could use a mesh but is it possible with a single part?)

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use the roblox negate/union to do it or you can use multiple parts and use archimedes plugin to make an octagon and put the increment for archimedes 135 degree i think


Is a union a part though?

Like same properties?

you can watch some youtube videos or read the developee hub about union and negate

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So is that a yes or a no?

Sorry I need to build keep so I have to know

i dont understand but heres a link to a vid:UNION AND NEGATE - Roblox Studio - YouTube

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Just use blender and create an 8 Vertices Cylinder and export as OBJ, import as OBJ in MeshPart. Boom, Octagon. Using Union and Negate can cause corrupt unions to happen, and they can make it look bad.