Making A Part Immune To Lighting Effects

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    I want a part thats compleately transparent and when the player is inside it there are no lighting effects but you can see them outside of the part
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    I dont know how i would do this
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    ive tried a google serch it said a viewport frame but thats to make parts un effected by the lighting i need somthing a bit more complex
-- I dont know what my code would be :(

In the mean time while waiting for people to see this ill try a viewport frame

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Send a ray down the player’s HumanoidRootPart that detects wheter or not he is standing inside that part

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i dont need to detect i can alr do that i need to show a line of the lighting effects outside the zone

I am sorry, but I don’t really understand what you are trying to do. Could you send a screenshot or anything to help me understand it?

you could just make it so being inside the part sets the lighting service properties to however you want them until they seem “immune to lighting effects” to you, which i assume would be like having ambient to 255,255,255 or global shadows off still not sure what you mean by immune to lighting effects

could you send like ss of how i would do that i didnt rly understand

yes let me take some to send in here

like just
game.Lighting.GlobalShadows = false?

my script is being cringe and not working atm but essentialy think fortnite storm barrier when you are at the edge you can see the effects of the storm, however when your in the safe circle you dont see the storm effects

well yeah you just need to have separate lighting properties when you are inside the part and when you arent

Someone had this exact problem a few minutes ago.

What you can do change the Atmosphere and Lighting when the camera is in the storm area and not in the safe area.

You won’t be able to have two Lighting properties on at once for different areas.

that was me :skull: i just had one in platform usage and scripting support

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its not neccesarily 2 different lighting properties in 2 dif areas its more masking the lighting properties so you cant see em in the part

i had an idea to just make a ring around it and just give the wall a verry thick tint so ill go back to that idea

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