Making a part move with a part

How do I make a part always move with another part?

for example I have a block and I want to make it be in the center of my character. How would i make that block always move with my character while maintain its center position of my character

Thank you!

I didn’t quite understand what u want but u can use BodyPosition

Unanchor the part and weld it [30]

You can use the WeldConstraint.

So I’m making this Freeze skill for my game where it freezes the player and places an “Ice Cube” effect around them. The problem I am having is that sometimes it’s inaccurate and goes where the player previously was.


I also have a knockback function and I want the Ice part to always stay centered on the character like so


I hope this clarifies my question!

Use the WeldConstraint, just set it’s Part1 property to Torso and Part2 property to the ice cube. Then set ice cube’s CFrame to the Torso CFrame. Using BodyPosition in this case is bad because you need to set its Position property every frame.