Making a part rotate around another part

How do I make it so that Part A rotates around Part B in a natural manner and whatever it is that Part A is doing, it doesn’t have an influence on Part B. So like, if Part B moves forward so does Part A while also spinning around it. But whatever Part A does, it doesn’t affect Part B.


Just a HingeConstraint | Roblox Creator Documentation with an Attachment | Roblox Creator Documentation on part B, and the Attachment for Part A in the same location causing the hinge to spin there. You can change the Attachment | Roblox Creator Documentation of Part A to be at the hinge so when the HingeConstraint | Roblox Creator Documentation is set to Motor it will rotate around PartB.
Making Part A not influence Part B could be done by making its Massless Property true.
If you make Part A CanCollide off then it won’t hit other items in the game and cause Part B to be moved, or just set the MotorMaxTorque to a low value so that Part A will rotate around but just bump against other Parts, but not be spun with enough force to affect Part B.


Will this work if both parts aren’t in contact?

This code below should solve your question: (note that A is the center and B is the revolving part)

local RS = game:GetService("RunService")

local a = workspace.PartA
local b = workspace.PartB

local speed = .5

local mag = 0
local angle = 0

	mag = (a.Position-b.Position).Magnitude
	angle = (angle + dt * (math.pi * speed)) % (2 * math.pi)
	b.CFrame = a.CFrame * * mag, 0, math.sin(angle) * mag)

This is an altered form of code grabbed from a previous post asking a similar question: Orbit Solution

Simply put, this code uses sine and cosine to construct a circle based on dt (deltatime).


You can put Attachments in at whatever distance/orientation you want!

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In the end I used a simple weld constraint and it worked perfectly, to whoever has the same question as I had: Just instance a weld constraint, and spin the center part using BodyAngularVelocity and set it’s MaxForce to math.huge. Thank you to everyone who replied though!


But doesn’t that affect Part B by making it spin too?
I thought you wanted Part B to be able to move around (like on a car or a player) without being rotated.

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Part B is actually supposed to be a tornado, and Part A the humanoid root part of a character. Part B is already spinning.