Making a part/coin "poof" with particles when collected

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  • When the player picks up a collectable part on the map, I would like it to “poof” with a small burst of stars/sparkles.
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  • I’m not quite sure how to script this. I know how to add particle emitters and parts can be collected by the players just fine, I just can’t figure out how to create the “burst” effect.
  1. What solutions have you tried so far? Did you look for solutions on the Developer Hub?
    I tried making the particle emitter turn on for a ~0.5 seconds or so, then turn back off, but it ended up looking very delayed and unappealing. I couldn’t find anything for this specific effect on the Developer Hub.
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You can use parts to make this effect, but I recommend using particle emitter.

You can launch parts to the air with random velocities and velocity directions.

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Would there be a way to recreate this effect using a particle emitter?

You need to change the properties of the particle emitter, like speed, spreading etc.

  1. Make the particle speed ramp from a very high speed to a lower one as it’s lifespan ends.
  2. Lower the coin’s lifespan if it’s not fast enough
  3. Make a script that makes the particle emitter emit a # of particles when the coin is touched. Here’s a example of what it would look like if it was a child under the particle emitter, which is a child of the coin.
local function Explode (touchedPart)
  if touchedPart.parent.FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then
    script.parent.parent.Transparency = 1
    script.parent:Emit(**# of particles you want to emit**)


you can simply ParticleEmmiter:Emit()

This can be achieved simply by using a Particle Emitter instance.

-- Assuming that coin is already defined and that there is a particle emitter object parented to the coin

      coin.ParticleEmitter:Emit(20) -- The number of particles that you want to emit.
      coin:Destroy() -- Make the coin disappear

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