Making a pet follower system with advanced animations

Hi all, hopefully I’ve got this in the right category. If not do tell me.

I’ve decided to try to make a pet simulator game. Yes, I know, they’re everywhere; but I am a complete coding noob and thought that a good proactive way to learn would be to make a more simple game that has a lot of available tutorials.

Of course, there will be pets that you can hatch and equip and follow you like Pet Simulator 99. Every tutorial I’ve watched just shows these blocky cartoon pets that have little to no animation. In my game, I’d like to have the pets be more complicated meshes and characters with proper animations (actual walk cycle, an attack animation etc). The best way to describe the result I’m looking for is something more like Spongebob Simulator, where the ‘pets’ are miniatures of the Spongebob characters. They are proper meshes with actual walking and attacking animations rather than just bopping up and down or side to side or just outright gliding with no animation.

Now I know about the animation process, importing from Blender to Roblox etc. My issue is because all the tutorials use these simple pets, none of them show how to add actual animations into the scripts and pets. That’s where I’m stuck.

Essentially, rather than just a block that glides after you, I’d like proper characters with walk cycles and such. But I do not know how to add those animations in and get the pets to have a walk cycle, attack animation etc.

I probably explained this really poorly, I’m sorry lol.
Thanks for any help!

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For animations, I’d look into AnimationController. Roblox has a good intro tutorial here v

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I’ll give this a go, thank you :slight_smile:

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