Making a place list that only has one server

Ive been having trouble recently. I just wanted to know how to make a place list with places e.g. Solo1 Solo2 Solo3 and i wanna know how do i display player count. I also wanna try to make my place only have 1 server so when you log back into the server your progress or house is still there.

from what i understood:

  1. you can get playercount from: #game:GetService("Players"):GetPlayers()
  2. you can save your house building using datastoreservice, or better yet datastore2 to store data of your building such as particle size, position, orientation, color, and other descendants
  3. if you only want to have 1 server, your game’s players is limited to 200 players and 700 players if you are a beta member
  4. you posted in the wrong category
  5. if you dont move this thread to #help-and-feedback:scripting-support you will get flagged

oh ok this is my first post sorry

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also i have one more question. How would I communicate player count from one server to another

messaging service, but if you only want to get the current players active in your game you should try scraping the roblox game page, or you should use the roblox api (idk if it exists or not)

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