Making a playable monster

Hi, I am trying to make a custom-built playable monster for my SCP game. I don’t know how to get the rig into Roblox and then code it to be a player skin. The coding bit is the bit I need the most help with. I can change the players skin to another R6/15 skin but not custom blender builds.

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You can place the playable monster model in the StaterPlayer and name it as StarterCharacter. Make sure it has a humanoid and all the necessary welding. Good luck in your game. You dont need to have any code for this solution unless and until the players have to click on a button in order to play as the playable monster. In order to do this way also, you can disable CharacterAutoLoads from the Players service and then clone the model with its name set as StarterCharacter inside of the StarterPlayer and do the above process. Finally in the end, you can load the character using the function :LoadCharacter()