Making a proximity chat ui by modifying the default chat ui?

i wanted to try and make a custom proxy chat ui for my game but halfway through making it, i noticed that some games would instead modify the default chat ui rather than make a new custom one.

one game i noticed that did exactly what i was looking for was electric state darkrp.

so, i first checked the core chat scripts to see if i could make the modifications but as it turns out, (and i’m not sure why i was so surprised) the core chat ui is a lot more complicated than i had suspected.

so, now i’m here.

tl;dr: need someone who has experience with the core chat scripts to point me in the right direction in trying to make a proxy chat ui out of the default chat ui.

edit: realized that i put “proxy chat” instead of “proximity chat”


bumping to see if anyone in a different time zone can help

I’ve never made one, but I could give my guesses on how it’s done. There’s two ways:

I’m unsure really how the chatservicerunner is set up. You will need to fork it. Enter a game, go to the server view and copy the chatservicerunner from server script service. If your able to find code inside it which posts the chat messages to all clients, then all you would need to do is add a check for all players to see how close they are, and if they are close enough send them the chat message.

If this isn’t inside the chatservicerunner, then you’ll need to make your own chat script.

Sorry for this being kind of vague; I haven’t looked into it enough to know what’s there and what’s not. Hope you can find what your looking for.


apparently, @TheGamer101 had already made a proximity chat module while working on the core chat scripts… looks like i should’ve done my research before making a thread


thanks anyway @grif_0!