Making a radar stat chart

I want a chart showing stats like something like this from elemental battlegrounds

or as another example from the show Jojo’s bizarre adventure

I was thinking about linking some lines together and that could possibly work fairly easily but I want it to be filled in like in the image above. I would like someone to explain how to possibly do this.

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If you were okay with just solid colors, you could draw arbitrary triangles with GUIs by putting images of right triangles right next to each other, like this:


I made a module that does this a while ago if you need help with the math: 2D Triangles - Roblox (you may want to write your own though).

I’m not sure how elemental battlegrounds does that though. It’s really smooth and has a pulsing texture in it. I’d be curious if anyone else knows. Maybe some kind of ViewportFrame GUI with a textured mesh in it?


I will try this and see if this works, thanks.

You could use a beam that starts at the top and ends at the bottom, then give it varying width. This way, you could use a static image.

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idk how i would do this effectively

I would also really like to know how EB does its radar chart.

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legends say i’m still looking for the answer

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ok on a serious note are u???

ive kinda figured it out now so nvm

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can u add how u did at and mark it as a solution so ppl who might need it cn see

ive played your game " unConventional" and how did you make your stat chart?

i did mark nicemike’s solution just somereason the result was abit off for somereason