Making a random fnaf unlockable system. Should every character have the same odds?

So, I’m making a Fnaf game that you unlock characters in and use them against the guard. some characters are better and more enjoyable and fun to play. duplicates are refunded, the only issue is that if some characters are MUCH rarer than others then it just won’t be fun just getting dupes are dupes. there will be secret characters that will be rarer than others no matter what, but I just want a second opinion on this.

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I’m still debating but leaning towards equal chance.

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sol’s rng players would love your game

only make character’s very rare if they are op, otherwise don’t.
if you are going for equal chances might as well balance all the characters

Lol I’m not trying to go into a gambling thing, but I had a really cool idea for getting a character and didn’t want to put it to waste. Also in my opinion I think random unlocking is better. Refund will also only be 50%

I want some characters to be better. What I may do is there will be 3 rarities / difficulty: pest, threat, nightmare. It will take the chances of each category then select a random character in the category.