Making A Roller Coaster

Hey devs,

So I am trying to make a theme park type roller coaster ride, but I am not sure what the best way to do that is.

Would it potentially work to have waypoints on the track and tween the vehicle? Not sure if tweening would be a good idea for this sort of thing though.

Let me know if you have any ideas!


It really is something complicated and a devforum post will not yield many answers. It is a multi step process you should figure out yourself using constraints, attachemnts, motors. Tweening will not give you the result you want, will look choppy, floaty and wont really look nice. Manipulate the CFrame of the train model. Heck if you want to do it your way, go ahead, even tweak @Avxnturador 's chassis to have it locked on a track. Even better, ask @Den_S on how he does it, the guy is a physics god who was somehow able to get lights to respond to beats in an audio.

Thank you! I will try that out.

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While I thank you for the acknowledgment of my chassis, I feel it is not suitable for rollercoaster applications even despite modification.

Responding to the OP, most of what ZR1C8 has said is true; it’s a big process that’s not entirely an easy one to do. There are a lot of free rollercoaster “starter kits” in the free model marketplace, but to be fair most of them are old (which don’t get me wrong, they were amazing back then).

My suggestion: chunk it out and make everything bit by bit.

You’d want to make a track first, and then some cars that would fit on the track no matter the positioning. Tweening may work for getting where the rollercoaster would (and should) be, however if you want to make something entirely physics based, I’d recommend the new era of BodyMovers connected via Attachment (Vector Force, Line Force, Torque, Angular Velocity, Linear Velocity).

I’ve never taken on this project myself so I really can’t give you any more tips on how to make a good one (as that’s just how I’d tackle it down alongside countless trial and error) but I hope that does help!


Thank you very much. I think I may look into some starter kits that may function as I want them to.


Do what fallout 3 did :joy:

Nah im joking.

But that gives me an idea that you could weld the cart to a small part that you move along the track, so you dont have to manage each and every wheel individually.


I wish you luck in development! If you find anything, keep me updated via Devforum PM’s.