Making A Script Code Writing Mini Game, Dont Know How To Do Or Where To Start

Hi, I Am Trying To Make A Minigame In Which You Have To Write A Specific Line Of Code To Pass But… I Dont Know How To Make It Or Where To Start

So The Idea Is Like This:

There Is A Script Editor Like Roblox’s One
You Have To Write The Script And When The Script Is Done And Is Correct, It Makes A Good Job Frame Come Up
Else If The Code Is Wrong It Will Highlight All The Code In Red And Make A Incorrect Beep Sound When Trying To Run It

Can Someone Help??

You would provide some “code lines” for the player to copy and type? then check?
Or you actually wanna run the code they typed?

If its for a mini game where player should type some “code lines”, then
What about a part with a SurfaceGui and a text label, simulating being a screen, or a frame GUI.
From server side you send a string from a table of “code lines” to show in player’s screen
The player see the code line and should type it on a TextBox, then push a button to send player’s TextBox string using a remote event.
Server checks the string from the TextBox if its correct then do stuff

Yes I Would Provide Some Code Lines For The Player To Copy And Type And Then Check