Making A Simple Zombie AI


I am looking to make a Simple Zombie AI for a project I am working on. I tried something very simple just using MoveTo and a loop to move to the target (in this case my) character. It seems to be very gittery, and not smooth.

What do you think would be the best way to make this? I can make the take damage script and other things, just looking for how to make the movement.


pathfinding maybe? but im not sure

I would use PathFinding, although I am looking for a way to make it smooth. If you were to use a loop like I did, it would still be laggy.

I personally used one script to control hundreds of zombies as a test thing.
It doesn’t impact performance that much.
You might want to make sure that zombies’ physics are server-side.

Pathfinding? You might want to use nodes.