Making a single part as rig

Hello Developers. I’ve had some crazy ideas on my mind lately. One of them is to rig a single Part. Although I did a lot of research on this, I couldn’t find many resources. If you have any advice or resources on this, I’d appreciate it.

As detail, the thing i will do is will be really basic. Just a part. It can jump, and walk like a NPC.

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Well you can do that and its pretty easy.
How to do it

  • Create a model
  • Add a part inside the model and name it “HumanoidRootPart”
  • Add humanoid to the model and make sure to disable RequiresNeck property
  • Name the model “StarterCharacter” and put it inside StarterPlayer

Thats all basically

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I got that all but why i need to put it into StarterPlayer? I will use the block as follower. Im creating a minigame, i will clone the part to workspace.

Its just so you can try out the character (i guess you can skip that)

It’s worked perfectly :smiley: thank you for the solution.

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