Making a small hut

It’s been while since I’ve made a build like this. Well, here what I have been doing in the past hour.

Give me a feedback and on what should I do to make it better. I still want to improve it so feel free to give me suggestions on tweaking it.


Very cool it might be useful to get a plugin like “material Flip” which will automatically rotate the wooden planks texture so it lines up horizontally rather than vertically
This is what i mean…


It looks nice, however there are a few things you could improve, you could add more details to the porch, the main hut has quite a few details but the porch doesn’t seem to have any, maybe redesign the banister to make it look even cooler, or add a oil lamp handing from the ceiling, this would be a good way to get some light on the build.

Another thing is the stairs up to the porch seems very steep, maybe make it extend out further and give it a banister for safety.

And maybe try and use the normal wood texture on some more areas instead of wooden planks, for example around the windows or doors, i feel like a mixture of the two would look nicer than solely wooden planks :smile:


Yo those Photos are really cool.
Nice Work! :grinning:

This whole hut actually reminds me of a Cambodia house. Although it looks good and nice.

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It looks great, I suggest adding lanterns in the porch or to minimize the width of the picket, although the decision is up to you