Making a Story Game! Need Devs

I feel like there is a bias in play here…

In my opinion, for a simple story game, the builder is equivalent to a scripter in this case.
For a game that is more script heavy, then a scripter would be paid more, but usually story games aren’t too complicated to script.

@99guineafowl, What are you going to be doing?


Well yeah for the most part, it heavily depends on the game.

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Hello! I can do Story game icons, and I’d be willing to do it for free.

Here’s my portfolio:

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That’s not really fair.

While scripting is very crucial, building holds lots of importance as well. Projects should vary the importance of scripting and building… it’d be a little biased to think that for every game. For a story game like this, scripting wouldn’t exactly be too complicated or much work.


I can make some thumbnails for free while I’m practicing!

I have made many changes to the post because of requests. Let me know if this is enough info.

Backup payment? (30 charssssss)

I might make another post saying I need a scripter, because I have a builder asking about the job. I’m really not sure. I just want to keep posting so this topic doesn’t close.

I’m interested in the thumbnail design, but why do thumbnail designers get 0% profit? gfx design is a hard task and I think it deserves to get a bit of profit.

Thumbnail artists need payment.
I take around an hour or 2 to make my art, and if you work irl you can get 10 dollars an hour for that (1k robux if it’s really good.)
Plus, there is no backup payment if the game flops. Oh well, if you earn 10 robux, the scripter and builder get 3 robux each, and gfx artist gets 0.

If I’m correct the thumbnail designer is working for free,

Yeah, they need payment because of that.

So your getting 40%? 30 charssss

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I have a hard time understanding what YOUR job will be.
Why are you earning more than the builder and scripter, and what makes you worthy of 40%.

Completely random, but do you need someone to write a story plot for this story or another story? If so, let me know, because I am good with writing.

It depends. I’d say the builder has the most important role other than the creative director as the builder is supposed to make the assets, the scripter is supposed to make those assets (and UI) come alive.

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I agree. I personally think most builders undervalue themselves and most scripters overvalue themselves. I’m not saying this just because I’m biased because I’m a builder - I’m not biased. The builder creates most of the things in a game, all the scripter has to do is make the builds come alive and have some functionality other than just being there to look pretty in this project. (Yes, I know, scrilters also have to script UI).

Uhh, not if they volunteered to do it for free.

I noticed that some of you are wondering why the Thumbnail Designer is working for free. I was going to pay them 20%, but they offered to work for free so I changed the pricing.

Edit: Have some of you not read the whole post? I would recommend you do that if you’re going to reply.

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