Making a story game

Making a story game named Firefighter story. What should I add to it?

Maybe don’t name it that. Something else that is eye catching would be cool. Maybe the game’s objective is to rescue people? Interactive fire trucks are something I would definitely play!

Alright so firstly, you need to add a unique twist into your game that makes it separate from all the other firefighter games. Something that would interest people and can only be done in your game. For example, maybe a choosing option if player wants to save a person or save their own life in the fire. In my opinion, it would just make it so much more better!

Ok. That is a idea I have. I will take that in to mind

Ok. I was gonna make the based around 9/11 tI’ll I remembered that was the worst day in history. So I scratched that. And I’m gonna make it unique

You could have one of the players in the game start a fire and be bad and have the game revolve round that.

You could make something kind of like 9/11 but on a different day in the future.

Or you could have the player start with nothing but some friends and make them create their own fire station like a tycoon but not.