Making a support system


I kinda want to make a support system similar to Bloxburg’s help centre when it existed. Essentially, you could make a ticket and it would fall under a few subjects, either being bug report, exploit report, plot report etc… and an administrator would respond asking you to provide a video or additional information.

Is there some existing software that would allow filing tickets and responses like this? I don’t really know where to start.

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You’ll need a UI which handles submitting reports, a Discord webhook to handle the report receiving and that’s about it.

Requests to discord from roblox without a proxy are blacklisted, and a webhook makes a simple post request, nothing else. I want something that’s interactive from an administrator and where the user and administrator can interact with each other which would be making both post and get requests.

Even if I were to use a proxy, I’m fairly certain that it’s in violation of the TOS.

Yes, I’m aware of the ongoing issues with Discord webhooks (as you mentioned they still work with proxies), for a more dynamic support/feedback system I’m not sure how that would be implemented.

How I would go about doing it is something like this:

  • Use MessagingService to check the other active servers and see if there is a mod+ in any server who could receive the ticket. If there is, send that message over to them with a teleport button to join that player’s server (depending on the ticket’s reason?)

  • If no mods are present in-game, use a discord Webhook to send the ticket info to a channel in your discord server where mods can access it.

  • Or, alternatively, you could hold the ticket in a datastore until a mod joins the game. Once joining, because their a mod, tickets will load for them with the date they were sent at and what the issue was. Just an idea.

I was thinking of using an external database instead of having multiple servers potentially writing to the same key, and I really don’t want to rely on Roblox for this as writing to the same key from multiple servers generally isn’t a good idea, but I really don’t know how to go about doing that or if there is a software that is made for this, I will just look around I guess.

I doubt that it turns out well or is what you want and taking the last idea of @NoParameters, you could make a mini plugin that reads those posts and load it locally only, each post would be saved in a datastore with a different scope depending on the type and Using ListKeysAsync would get all of them, the same plugin would delete the posts once read when you mark them, it is practically the same as reading them with GetAsync but it would look more interactive or better visually.


I’m not too concerned about UX right now, I mainly want to just get started with making basic get/post requests, and many ticketing softwares have API endpoints so I’m thinking about using those. I’m doing some research on some of those softwares, but everything just seems to be more complicated than I thought it would be.

Coming from somebody who created a support system similar to Bloxburg’s, here’s some advice:

I would not recommend it. It’s a complete pain to manage in the long run and you will save a ton of time by just using a ticket bot in your Discord server or something.

If you do decide to go through with making a system like this, do not use Discord webhooks through a proxy. This is bad practice because it’s misuse of their API + no real two-way interaction with the game. If you want something through Discord, you will need to make your own webserver for interacting with the game as well as a Discord bot to go along with it that manages the creation of channels and sending messages in said channels.

Could you share some info regarding what software or database you used? I was thinking of using some ticket website but I’m really not sure if I know what I’m doing haha, I thought it was basic get and post requests but I really just need a starting point.

It definitely requires some outside experience with webservers and databases. You will need to know another programming language (I used node.js). The resources I used were:

This took me a while to set up and was kind of a pain, so once again I would not recommend something offsite. However, if you really do want to, I’m sure there’s some tutorials out there on YouTube for setting up a website with a DigitalOcean server and using the other resources I mentioned.

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can u tell how u did with all like explain each?/?