Making a Telepearl System [Need help on this problem]

I need help on a Telepearl system like Bedwars…Does anybody know how to do it? I found something on Youtube but it doesn’t support 2 parts like this.



It doesn’t work unless i use a Meshpart.

Please help me on this.

EDIT: I did not stop the Horror game, i just did this for fun.

Could you please explain what a Telepearl is? Is it just an ender pearl like in minecraft?

Yeah it is the same as Enderpearl…But in Bedwars we call it Telepearl.

For info…It’s used for teleporting yourself into place to place when you throw it (Ik yk it already)

Alright then, what have you tried so far? It would help to see either code or a video about this system.

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He’s teleporting system works…But it just not support 2 parts (Not Meshpart)

So if your saying the video doesn’t support two parts, just weld them together and make the smaller one the ‘Primary’ or ‘Main’ one.

Union the model into one part, thank me later.

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One part is a forcefield, one part is neon. This won’t work unfortunatly.

I tried with the plugin named “Tools”

What do you mean by it won’t work?

You can union base parts, it does not matter what material they are set to.

So instead of Parts…I use Union?

Yes, but a union can only have one material at once, but they can have multiple colors. Unioning these two parts would make it look bad.

Sooo…Union or not union? (Character limit)

We can’t use a union here, so I suggest welding the two parts instead.

Then he has to extract the model into a mesh part.

Alright, I’ll try…I’ll get back to you guys later. Be right back

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How does welding 2 parts suddenly make it compatible for a script that only supports ONE PART. What is this nonsense??!?!?!?

Please actually do some research before coming up with a solution.

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