Making a Train, but modelling is annoying


I am currently working on building a train.
If you are curious to find out what train I am building, it is this train:
At the moment, I am using CSG V1 in which it is very annoying. I usually get so many errors when negating and unioning parts making it so difficult to use.

I have tried to switch back to CSG V2 but it’s too sharp and does not make the train look nice. I have also tried Blender but it’s a bit too difficult for me and I have absolutely no idea on uploading it back to Roblox and creating an interior of the train. I am willing to download a software but I prefer to download free softwares only. I also would like the software to be easier to use.

If there is a way to make this train easily without going through so many errors, the model being smooth and/or the program being free, that would be appreciated.

EDIT: I am using Curve Cutter to aid me with this.

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You can model with csg v2 and export to blender then add smooth modifer at blender and import back to roblox (and if you not gonna change color later you can paint with vertex painting at blender and import back to roblox as fbx it’ll store multiple colors)

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Thanks for your reply. I have tested your method out. The smooth modifier made it look very drastic. Therefore, I’ve used another modifier which is Subdivision Surface modifier. It made the edges smoother but these random holes are appearing.

Don’t use subdivision surface modifier, unless you want to clean up the mess(unnecessary faces) after.
Blender is best open source/free software for modeling that you will find.
Start with watching tutorials on YouTube, it’s a bit hard at start untill you get Into it. Also, I am not sure what you mean with “easy” it won’t happen in one click in any software. So watch, practice, repeat.

Best of luck with your modeling. :]


What I meant by “easy” is easy to learn as quickly as possible.

I could try learning how to use Blender but are there any other free programs which might be easier to use?

There is Thinkdercad, but I find it basic, I would do something in the blender for one second, but in that software can take me a lot more. Seriously learn Blender, if you want to build that train, and you won’t find any easier software that will do those edges and shapes.

Maybe someone needs to show you tricks and tips for Blender?
About that random holes from previous post, they are made because faces are not connected.

I’d suggest you Maya, you can get it for free with the student version Only if you aren’t selling or making any games, as that version it’s only for learning, it’s quiet easy and it has a lot of useful options that I couldn’t find in blender and it’s one of the best softwares for hard surfaces modeling.

i’m not overly sure if this will work, but, If you use Shade smooth then add an edge split modifier, it could work. If this doesn’t help, i can’t help you anymore

Good luck with your modelling in the future :slight_smile:

Hmm, honestly I should learn more about Blender. I’ll probs start with learning the basics first then doing it. Any channels on Youtube that you recommend?

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Hmm, not really, just search up and pick one that fits you, you can also search for tips and basic modeling… :]

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