Making a transparent text without changing TextBox's cursor transparency


I have been recently trying to create a custom chat using newly released RichText.
I am using a single textlabel inside of a TextBox to format the text.

However I ran into a problem with it.
Whenever I try to make the text bolder, the TextLabel also moves quite a bit.
As seen here: (Don’t mind the formatting glitch lol)

And that’s because TextBox’s text isn’t getting bold, it just stays the same.

My solution to this is making TextBox text transparent, however the cursor is changing it’s transparency value alongside with the text, thus making it invisible when I set TextTransparency to 1.

I don’t really want to make a custom cursor just to solve this issue, because I find it a little waste of a time…

So my final question is:
How can I make the cursor don’t change it’s transparency?
(make it stay at 0 no matter what TextTransparency value do I set)


I’m sorry to bump the topic a 2 month ago, but I also want to know how to solve this.