Making a Viewmodel with custom hands?

I want to know how to make a custom Viewmodel for some Hands I have, meaning only the player can see it and it’s always in front

I do have a prototype, but it’s not actually a Viewmodel, and it also has a few problems, such as: Hands being able to go through walls, hiding parts of it or Generally looking bad
HRP constraint:
Example of how the hands look in-game:

I have tried this before and it didn’t work out too well, for what ever reason Roblox puts a white outline on any parts, or meshes, in a viewport frame (like a bad PhotoShop), you also cannot apply lighting.

What I found works best is, you set the camera to first person and then put you character’s arms out some.

Oh, I’ve seen some people use viewmodels and liked the idea

A great example could be shown here in UkDarky’s “Realistic SCP DevLog” video at 4:24

All I need is the hands model I have to appear in front of the screen and move along with it

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I’m not exactly sure how he did that, he could of created his own custom shading script so when he goes somewhere dark, the hand gets dark. But even Roblox has said that you can’t apply shading like that,, all the way at the bottom.

He teleported the viewmodel infront of the camera, I use this technique in my fps game and it works pretty well, just always make it set to the pos of you camera.
(I don’t belive his viewmodel is always infront)
As of this time no-one has really figured out how to make it always infront, roblox lua isint powerful enough yet.