Making a violent Robbery game - Will Roblox get me in trouble?

I plan making a future robbing game
I saw the recent post that Roblox is letting people making mature 17+ games as long as their age is fully verified. would I be able to do the following things?

This experience will include heavy blood, Violence including torture, Drinking.
As long as someone verifies that this “Age verification” is possible to create Mature 17+ games, then the release will be let out as soon as I finish.

  • This is okay
  • Roblox has not released this feature yet, do not publish

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I believe that torture wouldn’t be allowed in your experience as it would violate the 17+ Policy Standards.

17+ experiences on Roblox may include graphic and realistic-looking depictions of violence and heavy bloodshed, but we do not allow content that contains extreme violence or serious physical or psychological abuse, including:

  • Animal abuse and torture
  • Real-world depictions of extreme gore, graphic violence, or death
  • The depiction, support, or glorification of war crimes or human rights violations, including torture
  • The depiction, support, or glorification of real-world mass shootings and/or terrorism

Alcohol use and heavy bloodshed should be OK, but keep in mind that 17+ assets aren’t supported right now so don’t upload any alcohol assets until they’re enabled or you could get moderated.

You can use red plastic cups for now though to depict alcohol consumption according to this announcement regarding 17+ experiences

To create 17+ experiences without the support of 17+ assets, you can combine assets, animations, and scenes suitable for under 17 users to depict 17+ content in your 17+ experiences. Here are some examples of how you can create 17+ experiences using under 17 assets:

  • Today we allow the depiction of weapons. To depict more intense violence, creators can have avatars carrying realistic weapons and fighting with vivid animations and audio effects like gunshots and screams .
  • Today, we allow realistic blood assets. To depict gore, creators can combine multiple realistic blood assets to create more intense scenes.
  • Today, we allow red plastic cups. To depict alcohol consumption, creators can combine these assets within animations in a club scene.

I recommend reading through the recent announcement and the 17+ Policy Standards before working on your experience. You would also need to fill out the Experience Questionnaire for your experience.

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